MaxFuel βeta Testing

Welcome to the MaxFuel Beta Tester Site

This page is designed specifically for those who are assisting in beta testing the MaxFuel app on TestFlight.  As of now this site will be used for providing known issues of an active beta test bundle.  The idea here is testers will check here first for any known issues before submitting any feedback, this will help keep the feedback submissions to only those that are new or original and issues don’t get repeated.

Thank you to all my testers……Happy Testing.

Aircraft List View

Known Issue (MF200-001):
When adding or updating an aircraft and tapping into the “Notes” text field, the wrong keyboard type/color appear.  This will be corrected in the next version.

FIXED in Version 2.0.1(2)

Known Issue(MF200-002):
When adding a new aircraft by tapping the ‘+’ button and not completing any fields, returning back to the Aircraft list view causes an Error alert to popup alerting the user made changes but did not Save.  This is intended to only display when a change is made to a current aircraft or new aircraft after entries are made but not saved.  This will be corrected in the next version

FIXED in Version 2.0.1(2)

Known Issue (MF210-001):
If only one aircraft is saved and deleting this single aircraft from the My Aircraft list table, when returning back to the Aircraft table view the aircraft remains in the Select Active Aircraft list.

Fuel Uplift Time View

Known Issue (MF201-001):
When opening MaxFuel for the first time and no aircraft have been added, navigating to Fuel Uplift tab and then to the Uplift Time view, the app will crash.  Temporary fix includes reopening the app and adding at least one aircraft.  The Uplift Time will work normally from this point, even if the only aircraft is deleted.  This will be corrected in the next version.

FIXED in Version 2.1.0(4)