My name is Captain Ken Lambert and I have been a pilot for nearly 20 years. I started this website as a personal venture to make good pilots even better.  The site is continuously under construction and being updated and improved as time allows.

As far as my background, I began my pilot career as a flight instructor and worked my way up to a Part 141 Check Instructor under FAA approval and soon after I was promoted to assume the role of a management position as the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor under FAA approval. Within this role my duties included confirming strict adherence to the academies flight, ground and simulator instruction under company policy and FAA Part 61 & 141 regulations. As well as the above, it was my responsibility to ensure safety amidst the operation, prepare schedules, maintain records, and certify that each student and flight instructor in each flight course met course standards and training requirements with the highest of safety standards.

I started my airline career with a regional airline in the United States and quickly gained invaluable experience; unfortunately, the economic downturn to the US economy had drastic negative effects to the airline industry and my opportunity for upgrade to Commander was seriously diluted. I decided to expand my horizons and accepted a position with a private/charter company in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2010 where I was soon upgraded to Commander. During this time, I was promoted to GCAA Nominated Commander (Line Training/Check Captain) and GCAA Authorized Test Pilot. I was also successfully involved in leading, researching, developing, and testing EFB solutions to transition to a paperless cockpit along side with development and deployment of flight crew training presentations for online courses to promote a safe operation of aircraft performance procedures.

In 2015, I was offered a position as First Officer with an airline and completed the Command Upgrade process just after 2 years with the company.  Since that time I have continuously tried to use my previous education and experience in Electronics and Computer Technology and design to help other pilots aspire their goals as Commander while at the same time develop apps for iPhone and iPad, reference guides and manuals to help pilots operate or study.

For more information, please contact me here or follow me at iAviate on twitter.